All cut up and nowhere to go.

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment


T´abas n. a cut for a dress · magtabas , tumabas, tab´asin (mag-:-um-in) v. tocut the design or according to a design or pattern, as of cloth, paper, etc. (via Tagalog Dictionary)

Speaking of cutting, I cut my pinkie finger on a can of corned beef and it hurts pretty bad so I basically can’t do much. It’s quite big and I could see the insides of me finger while I was washing it with water and trying to stop the bleeding. My daughters think it’s gruesome. I thought it was cool. This was the first cut/cooking accident I have had in years!

Since I can’t do anything much using my left hand, I  decided I would just trace and cut patterns from 1.) the Japanese book i bought a while ago; 2.) a diaper cover tutorial pattern and; 3.) Market skirt form MADE; 4.) Mary Jane shoes from and; 5.) Baby T-strap shoes from




The Market Skirt by MADE.



Baby T-strap shoes from



Diaper cover by MADE.


I’m done with cutting up fabric and ironing on the interfacing for the baby shoes, for the baby clothes, diaper covers and for the toddler skirts today so for tomorrow I’ll start sorting them out from easiest to sew to complicated. I’m also going to factor in how many steps to making each garment so I know how long it will take me to finish them all.  Maybe it will be easier if I sew them by groups (top, bottoms, bonnet, shoes, etc.) as I more often than not, get fed up making up the same thing twice. LOL! If all goes well, I might be done before next Monday, for next week there will be less to no sewing done because it’s examination week for the kids!


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