Pendrell in Knit: Wonderful much!

December 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

And where is the dress you were supposed to be finishing?? It’s deadline already!

Okay, the dress project isn’t really coming along well. I still have issues with fit but not really with construction. I do still hope it doesn’t turn out as a failed project because I really love the fabric. It doesn’t help that I again have a lot of things to do on the home front, it also doesn’t help that I am distracted again, LOL!

The Pendrell blouse greeted me when I opened the Burdastyle site, and I said, wow! Gotta check it out at Sewaholic. That Tasia girl has outdone herself again! Look for yourself…

The Pendrell blouse by Tasia via


So I go ahead and read about this project on her blog and I stumble across the knit top version. Voila! I was inlove! Again!

The Pendrell blouse in knit fabric by Tasia via

This pattern is so versatile, it also works for knit fabrics? Ama-zing! It isn’t just because the fabric is a beautiful rose print but the design is really flattering that is making my mouth water.

viscose and spandex knit fabric for the Pendrell blouse via

I just wish I could have it…maybe soon when I’m done with all the stuff I have to do. Tasia’s shop is now open for business and is ready to ship her patterns to anywhere so check it out at her pattern store, here. For now I will just have to admire from afar. ^_^


I need to make me a dress…

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m going to a party or maybe an anniversary dinner (hint! hint!) and I need to sew myself a dress. Here are a couple of candidates I am looking at right now that is tickling my sewing fancy. I’d like something flattering to all body types, a pattern that is cheap and easy to alter and to fit on my figure, and easy to put together as I only have five days left to make it. This is going to be my first dress in a while, the last time I made a dress was for my youngest sister, a blue sweetheart neckline cocktail dress with a matching bolero. Urgh, I wish I’d taken a picture of it! And of course, where do I turn to for inspiration? Where else, Burdastyle! Here are my candidates for my first dress project:

Candidate #1 The Danielle dress. This dress, for me, is the most popular dress style, Burdastyle free pattern ever produced.

Danielle dress from Burdastyle

Check out the member creations for this pattern, and it has a whopping 196 member creation uploads to date! There are more than a couple of BS member design variations that are pretty cool.

Seafoam Green V-Neck Danielle by Woman via Burdastyle

Danielle dress by Amongno via Burdastyle

Candidate #2: The Heidi dress also by Burdastyle

Heidi dress via Burdastyle

Here are a couple of Heidi versions that are totally impressive!

Heidi and Vincent by NikkiShell via Burdastyle

Heidi goes to a wedding by Gingerrachel via Burdastyle

Heidi dress - Wedding guest by Missymay via Burdastyle

Candidate #3: The Jenny Dress variation by Burdastyle

The Jenny dress variation by Burdastyle

Talented much!! Here are a couple of member created Jenny dresses that I liked:

Rorschach Jenny by Nikkishell via Burdastyle

Gathered Jenny by u120418 via Burdastyle

Midnight blue Jenny dress by Brooklynstitch via Burdastyle

These are truly inspiring, don’t you think? You know, if I had time, I’d make all three designs. 😀 Wish me luck!

Backlogs and baby booties

September 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

Maybe it’s a case of adult ADHD,  i don’t know, I always get distracted by something new and shiny and then my brain goes into overdrive. If you sit close to me you’ll even hear it whirring, like an old Seagate external hard drive and I can’t sit still.

When one of my high school buds gave birth to a baby girl last week, my internal light bulb went ‘ting!’, “Why not make something for the new baby??”. The urge to sew for little ones grew even greater after I saw this book at Kinokuniya and at Etsy. I’ve only sewn PJ pants for my little boy, Coco, who’s two, and the clothes here were so lovely, I thought to myself: “Why not make something for him for his birthday?”



“Why not?” My other self answered, forgetting she had a lot of backlog work to attend to. I’ve finished the skirts and worn them to the mall and to my daughters’ music classes. I’ve photographed them, but when I didn’t like how the pictures came out, I put them aside and automatically my head started to think of something else to do to forget about my failed attempts at photographing my skirts. I’ve forgotten I have 6 pairs of boxer shorts already cut, that has been waiting for me since Father’s Day, which I had promised my husband I would sew two weeks ago. There is also one pair of wool office pants my husband bought, that has been hanging in the closet for two months waiting for me to alter them, and a couple of PJ pants for my fast growing tweens that I keep forgetting about.

Backlog. Not to mention the pile of laundry waiting for me and I have to clean the house, change the sheets to four beds…

To forget the ever growing pile of backlogs, I decided I needed eye candy so I headed off to Etsy where this caught my attention: reversible baby mary janes by Sewingwithme7.

Mary Jane and Mary Jane Pleated PDF Patterns 2 Patterns-Reversible

They’re so cute, I went ahead and bought the PDF patterns to make them! Now I’m distracted again! I’m almost done with my first pair and I’ve already finished cutting two pairs of these babies using some of my Japanese sewing fabric scraps leftover from when I made Daughter #1’s (D1) Yucata.

I’m just thanking the stars for another long weekend coming my way, maybe just maybe I’ll get rid of the backlog and finish the current project I’m on…or…maybe I’ll  get tired of housework and will want to just rest, or worse see something shiny again, procrastinate and forget the things I have to do. LOL.

Happy, happy sharing!

September 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Isn’t this shirt very pretty? The lovely Taeco from Love Sewing drafted this pattern herself. I was blog prowling, stopped by her blog to read her new posts, admire the shirt for her husband, and  to stare at the pretty t-shirt more, checked the comments section and lo and behold! She replied to my comment/request on her post and she is going to share the pattern with me. Yey! (I can’t wait, too excited!) Thank you, Taeco! Blog prowling is indeed beneficial!

Marine T-shirt via Love Sewing

Now what fabric from my stash (not hoard, husband!) am I going to use?? After I’ve finished hemming my last skirt and sewing on the hook and bar closures, I’m off to Chinatown for some fabric prowling! Heehee!!

UPDATE: I received the PDF pattern from Taeco via e-mail and I’ve already printed them out. I’ll just have to figure out how to enlarge them a bit to fit me, squeeze in the time to make it, and enjoy it with jeans. Thanks again, Taeco!!

What have I been up to? Oh the skirts…

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I’ve been so busy with making skirts I forgot to post anything here.

I self-drafted a skirt pattern to knock off this baby here (from Old Navy) and I am now in zipper installing mode. All in all I have made four skirts already, three with front flies and one with an invisible zip. More details later though, but now I leave you with this snazzy video from Fashioning tech and a couple of links on how to install our favorite but mostly feared zip closure – the invisible zipper!!

Marmalade Kiss invisible zipper tutorial:

Clever Nesting invisible zipper tutorial from Whipstitch:

Sew I Knit! invisible zipper tutorial:

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