All cut up and nowhere to go.

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T´abas n. a cut for a dress · magtabas , tumabas, tab´asin (mag-:-um-in) v. tocut the design or according to a design or pattern, as of cloth, paper, etc. (via Tagalog Dictionary)

Speaking of cutting, I cut my pinkie finger on a can of corned beef and it hurts pretty bad so I basically can’t do much. It’s quite big and I could see the insides of me finger while I was washing it with water and trying to stop the bleeding. My daughters think it’s gruesome. I thought it was cool. This was the first cut/cooking accident I have had in years!

Since I can’t do anything much using my left hand, I  decided I would just trace and cut patterns from 1.) the Japanese book i bought a while ago; 2.) a diaper cover tutorial pattern and; 3.) Market skirt form MADE; 4.) Mary Jane shoes from and; 5.) Baby T-strap shoes from




The Market Skirt by MADE.



Baby T-strap shoes from



Diaper cover by MADE.


I’m done with cutting up fabric and ironing on the interfacing for the baby shoes, for the baby clothes, diaper covers and for the toddler skirts today so for tomorrow I’ll start sorting them out from easiest to sew to complicated. I’m also going to factor in how many steps to making each garment so I know how long it will take me to finish them all.  Maybe it will be easier if I sew them by groups (top, bottoms, bonnet, shoes, etc.) as I more often than not, get fed up making up the same thing twice. LOL! If all goes well, I might be done before next Monday, for next week there will be less to no sewing done because it’s examination week for the kids!


Backlogs and baby booties

September 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

Maybe it’s a case of adult ADHD,  i don’t know, I always get distracted by something new and shiny and then my brain goes into overdrive. If you sit close to me you’ll even hear it whirring, like an old Seagate external hard drive and I can’t sit still.

When one of my high school buds gave birth to a baby girl last week, my internal light bulb went ‘ting!’, “Why not make something for the new baby??”. The urge to sew for little ones grew even greater after I saw this book at Kinokuniya and at Etsy. I’ve only sewn PJ pants for my little boy, Coco, who’s two, and the clothes here were so lovely, I thought to myself: “Why not make something for him for his birthday?”



“Why not?” My other self answered, forgetting she had a lot of backlog work to attend to. I’ve finished the skirts and worn them to the mall and to my daughters’ music classes. I’ve photographed them, but when I didn’t like how the pictures came out, I put them aside and automatically my head started to think of something else to do to forget about my failed attempts at photographing my skirts. I’ve forgotten I have 6 pairs of boxer shorts already cut, that has been waiting for me since Father’s Day, which I had promised my husband I would sew two weeks ago. There is also one pair of wool office pants my husband bought, that has been hanging in the closet for two months waiting for me to alter them, and a couple of PJ pants for my fast growing tweens that I keep forgetting about.

Backlog. Not to mention the pile of laundry waiting for me and I have to clean the house, change the sheets to four beds…

To forget the ever growing pile of backlogs, I decided I needed eye candy so I headed off to Etsy where this caught my attention: reversible baby mary janes by Sewingwithme7.

Mary Jane and Mary Jane Pleated PDF Patterns 2 Patterns-Reversible

They’re so cute, I went ahead and bought the PDF patterns to make them! Now I’m distracted again! I’m almost done with my first pair and I’ve already finished cutting two pairs of these babies using some of my Japanese sewing fabric scraps leftover from when I made Daughter #1’s (D1) Yucata.

I’m just thanking the stars for another long weekend coming my way, maybe just maybe I’ll get rid of the backlog and finish the current project I’m on…or…maybe I’ll  get tired of housework and will want to just rest, or worse see something shiny again, procrastinate and forget the things I have to do. LOL.

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